Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cooking: Saturday cooking

My husband works out of town, so almost every weekend I prepare dinners for him and myself. He takes his meals on Monday morning and is well-fed for the week.

So how do you cook a week's worth of meals on Saturday morning? Organization

1. On Friday, I get everything I need at the grocery store. I try to stick to three dinners and a dessert or rolls, sometimes bread or muffins. This Saturday, I was making three dinners and dinner rolls.

2. Saturday morning, I chop everything I am going to need for the day.

3. I try to use as few pots as possible.

4. Saturday dinner will be one of these dinners.

So here goes:

This week, Chicken Tetrazzini, Red Beans and Rice, Quiche and Dinner Rolls.

I cooked the pasta, drain.

Next saute the celery, onions and carrots for the chicken dish. I also sauted extra onions in another batch for the quiche.

Meanwhile, I took two rotisserie chickens from the store and removed all the meat.

Added the pasta, ingredients, and chicken to the original pot. Mixed and put in a baking dish, covered with cheese. Put in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Started a pot of rice. The rice will be bagged and frozen for other dishes. I will also use some of the rice for red beans and rice.

Same pot I used for the chicken, I started the red beans. I had already soaked them over night. So I just needed to cook them all day.

Chicken done.

Next in the oven is the quiche I put together after the red beans were put in the pot.

Before I got the red beans in the pot, I made some dinner rolls and let them rise in the warm kitchen. Here is the dough after the first rising. While the quiche is in the oven, the rolls are formed and allowed to rise another hour.

Quiche comes out, dinner rolls go in.

The red beans take 6 hours and about an hour before they are done, I add the sausage.

Later in the afternoon, I package the chicken tetrazzini, some of the rolls and quiche once they are cooled.

Dinner is ready.

Total cooking time was 2 hours and 30 minutes. I actually had more of all the dishes then we would need in a week so I put them in the freezer. That way, if I need a week off, or something happens, I have plenty of food for my hubby in the freezer.


  1. Hubby also works out of town and is home on weekends. I usually just freeze what we eat for him and he takes back with the following week, but I like your idea!!! Great post!!

  2. That all sounds so good. I have really been in a cooking rut so I appreciate the good ideas. We love to have food in the freezer to pull out. Yesterday we pulled pinto beans that were left over from who knows when. Made a little cornbread and it was delicious!

  3. Wow, that is a great idea! I need to get into something like that.

    I have an award for you on my blog.

  4. First of all, you are a good wife and your hubby is SO LUCKY to have you!

    Secondly, I want to try that too -- that is make some meals on Saturday for the school week when things get hectic and I don't feel like cooking. I love the idea of Friday as your shopping and prep day.

    My Mom actually used to do the once a month cooking -- you know cause she was cooking for 7 kids and one hubby. I cannot even imagine.

    And I love your red pot!

  5. Totally brilliant. I love how organized you are! I do a lot of cooking for the week on the weekends too!

  6. Cynthia, That is unreal! I am so impressed!~ Does your hubby know he has a jewel!!?? Nancy

  7. Wow....these meals look SO GOOD! Your husband is so blessed to have such a wonderful wife.


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