Friday, February 06, 2009

Confession: Blissdom '09

I am off to Nashville for the Blissdom '09 Conference.

1. I am looking forward to the conference.
2. I hate to travel.
3. I hate being away from home.
4. I am going to pull my big girl panties up and try to have a good time.
5. I have to work this weekend to meet a deadline on Monday at 8 a.m.
6. I hate being away from home, oh wait, I already said that.

Okay, I will post lots of pictures and try to take good notes for you all, in case there is a test.


  1. Have a safe trip! Will be looking forward to your pictures!!

  2. I hope you have a safe and great time :)

  3. Be Safe! Take lots of pictures so we can see what we missed! Blessings, Nancy

  4. When you get back, please stop by and pick up an award I gave you!!!

  5. C~

    Can't wait to hear all about it. I'm sure you'll do just fine - and here's what I say -- it's always good to be away from home because it makes us appreciate what's dear to us.

    I guess that means when and if I ever make it to TN, I have to road-trip to you?... :)


  6. Have a safe trip and try to have fun.

  7. How interesting - can't wait for your photos and stories! Have fun!

  8. It was so great to meet you, too. I just took a quick trip down your blog page (now that I have a faster Internet connection). It looks great, and there's lots of good stuff.

    You've had more than 8,000 visitors in not more than 100 posts? That's awesome! Good work!

  9. I hope it was awesome and I can't wait to hear about it!

  10. I hope you are enjoying Nashville and being away from home. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the nice comment....Christine

  11. Girl, it was such a pleasure to meet you! I'm so glad you came and hope you had time to meet your deadline!

  12. Hope you had fun! I read a bit about it on Rhoda's blog.


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