Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sewing: A Ballet Bag

Actually it can be a cute tote. It just happens that my niece needs a ballet bag.

I bought a cute sewing book on how to make totes. I decided to make her this yummy bag.
Problem with some cute fabric, it needs to be quilted.

Cut out fabric, batting and backing according to pattern specifications. I needed two front and two back panels. Pinned the fabric, batting and muslin backing together. Sewed a freehand crazy loopy pattern on the fabric.

Here it is on the backside. I got better as time went on.

Here is the front of the bottom piece.

Once all the pieces were quilted. I embroidered my niece's name on the top front panel with my embroidery machine.

Next, Sew the bottom panels to the top pieces. Sew one side together. Important to take a minute and press all the seams open. I then top-stitched the side panel on both sides.

The pattern in the book was wrong so I actually had to take this sucker apart once.

Next, add a ribbon embellishment to the bag while you can lay it flat.

Sew the other side and the bottom of the bag. Next, the tricky part. Take the bottom corner and lay the corner like a triangle. Sew 2 1/2 inches in from the point. This will make a flat part of the bag. This is the bag sewn and unlined.

Next, make a pocket for the lining. Then sew one side of the lining together and sew the pocket in place. Sew the lining together, repeat the step above with the point of the bottom of the bag. Place the lining in the unfinished outer part of the bag with wrong sides together. It was tricky to get the lining to lay the way I wanted it but eventually it did.

Next make bias tape with one of the coordinating fabrics and pin it around the top of the bag. I hand sewed the bias tape in place because it makes it neater but you can do this with a machine.

Here is the picture of the pocket inside the bag.

I added a cute bow with the handles, and bows to tie it to close the bag.

A little up close picture. I hate the yellow lighting, I need to do something about it. I hope she likes the bag as much as I do.


  1. Avery is SUPER LUCKY! I might have to take up ballet so I can get a ballet bag. :) Okay, nevermind, that would be ugly. May be Miss Molly Fran needs to take up ballet! :)


  2. Wow, I'm sure she'll LOVE it! It's beautiful. You did a wonderful job making that bag. . . lucky girl!



  3. I'm with Kim, I might have to dust off my ballet shoes and start taking again so I can carry such a cute bag! Outstanding job Cynthia, it is just gorgeous! Truly.

  4. I really love this, it's so cute. I will have to get you to make me one!

  5. Wow! You should think of selling these..it's beautiful!!

  6. Now it wasn't your first time to do something like that was it? It looks like a professional job!! Way to go.

  7. This was the first time I quilted anything. It wasn't as hard as it looks.

  8. great job - know she'll love it! wish my sewing skills were more proficient!

  9. Well, I can tell you that Avery saw the pictures you emailed and is very excited about it. She gasped when she saw it. I didn't mean for her to see it, but she walked in when I opened it up and since she's quick she saw her name. She wanted to know what it was. I told her her Aunt Cindy was making her a much needed ballet bag. She started talking about everything she could put in there. Then I reminded her that it was for ballet and her ballet shoes should go in there. She said, "I know, but now I can take my animals in there too so they won't be lonely at home." Ok. I hope you have enough pockets in there!!!
    Thanks Cindy, she can't wait for this to arrive!!

  10. Oh that is adorable! I know Avery will love it! Great job on the bag! Blessings, Nancy

  11. I love that bag! I used to be in ballet so I can have it, right?

  12. What an adorable ballet bag....you did a great job!
    Thank you so much for keeping my Uncle Francis in your prayers!


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