Saturday, January 03, 2009

Baking: ANew Year's Wrap-Up

Wishing you and your family a belated Happy New Year's!!!

Here is how we spent our New Year's. My daughter came down with the flu when she got back into town from Jacksonville. She had to cancel her New Year's Eve Cocktail party so we decided to make a party for my new cake plate!!!

Okay, not really, the party was for us but we did bake and decorate cupcakes to look like my new cake plate. I made Devil's Food cupcakes.

My daughter, barely holding it together, iced them with white icing.

Piped multiple polka- dots on the white

Added a red bow!!! But first need a little practice.

All finished:

What do you think?

Now we are set to have a quiet evening at home.

My daughter wanted me to show everyone how I have to maneuver through the boys to work in the kitchen. She doesn't think you have an appreciation for the difficulty of working with such fine helpers, ready to jump if anything falls on the floor.

So close but so far away.


  1. Aw, good blog! I love it. Those Dogs are trouble... New Years Eve with the flu wasn't bad, I still got to spend the night with the people I love. I love you mommy!

    You should turn that last photo in for a contest... he is tooo cute and so are those cupcakes!

  2. The cupcakes are adorable! The boys are too! :)

  3. Okay, first of all your daughter is a champ - I hope, hope, hope she's feeling better now. Being sick STINKS!

    The cupcakes turned out great and I love the picture of the doggie waiting below for any crumbs. Too cute!

    Hugs for a wonderful New Year! :)

  4. still my all time favorite picture of the boys!

  5. Good blog, what in the world will you do this coming year?

  6. What adorable cupcakes and doggies!!
    Sorry your daughter was sick :(
    Happy New Year,


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