Friday, January 30, 2009

Decorating: New Office Chairs

I had these office chairs reupholstered for my "girlie" office. Here is what they used to look like.

They came last month but with Christmas, geesh, who wanted to hear about my new chairs.

Aren't they pretty? Oh I need to paint that stool.

The fabric has a very fine line of khaki swirled through the fabric.

See how it matches the rug!!! I likey.

I think I am going to make each one of them a cute pillow like these I found online. They are so beautiful.

Well, I have to keep working on this office. Spring is coming and I will be in the yard


  1. I love the chairs! The colors in your room are great.

    After having some furniture recovered recently I've discovered the fun in reusing pieces we love with awesome new fabric. Makes me want to recover everything.

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