Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cooking: Corn Fritters

I made a New Year's resolution to clean out both freezers in my home. I told my family for several days, pull it out, and I will cook it now matter what. We had some great meals but it is scary for me to go into the week without a menu.

Anyway, I had all this frozen corn in the freezer. So I decided to make some corn fritters. It is a nice change from potatoes or rice.

Combine eggs, flour, baking powder, salt & pepper with the corn. Mix thoroughly. Add cream to mixture.

Melt vegetable oil in a frying pan & drop corn mixture by spoonfuls into the hot oil. Here is
my action shot, thanks to my lovely daughter.

Brown on both sides.

Serve with syrup. My family turned their nose up to it but finally agreed it was better with syrup.



  1. Those look INSANE!

    And cleaning out both freezers - you're a maniac! Although I know what you mean, it's always good to take inventory and sometimes start over.

    Vegas?....What the heck! You must e-mail me and tell me the WHOLE story - besides, I wanted to tell you about another showing we had yesterday. They like the house - and called in a 2nd showing right away - for YESTERDAY! :)

  2. That sounds like our kind of food! We make squash fritters - basically the same. Yummy!

  3. These look so good. I left you a reply-comment at my post today about the "Charm School."

  4. They were good, I only ate one, but still good- coming from the girl who will ONLY eat corn on the cob or mexican rice with corn!

    But your food is always yummy, I'm just lucky to get to eat it!

  5. YUMMY! You must be a wonderful cook! I will have to remember that...I am always needing a recipe for some kind of event!

  6. I have tagged you on my blog. Stop by :)


  7. These sound wonderful! I'll have to give them a try.'

    I have that spatula..Williams Sonoma? I've had it for years and it's my favorite one, ha ha :)

  8. I grew up on corn fritters! My mother would make them about twice a month. LOVE THEM! But, sadly my family doesn't. I do make them occasionally when my sister and her family come for dinner. Nice walk down memory lane...thanks for sharing!!!


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