Saturday, January 17, 2009

Technology: Bloglines vs. Google Reader

About three months ago, I started fiddling around with both of these blog readers. I thought I would give my input;

1. I like Google Reader better than Bloglines. Google Reader keeps all the loaded blogs in the folders I have set up while Bloglines deletes them as soon as they are read. Now I have accidentally looked at a folder and tried to go back on Bloglines and the blogs are all gone.

2. I have loaded 1007 blogs into Google Reader and can make it through most of those blogs in three hours. I don't normally read everyone because, who has three hours. Before it took me three hours to visit about 50 blogs. Only new blogs are loaded so if someone doesn't write for a month, their blog is not pulled into Google Reader.

3. Adding new blogs is easy.

4. If I am short of time, I can look at the titles and not the post.

5. If I don't log into the computer for a week, every new blog entry is there.

6. I hate music on people's blogs. I usually listen to my iTunes when I work and then I have to search the blog site to shut off the music. With Google Reader, I don't have to worry about music.

Okay, the negatives:

1. I don't get to see everyone's pretty backgrounds.

2. I don't know if Google Reader pulling the blog counts as hit on everyone's website.

3. I don't see the ads. Now this is a good thing as a reader but I want all my friends to make ad revenue and if I don't see it, does that generate revenue, probably not.

4. If you have added some side notes, Google Reader does not pull those in.

5. It is very easy to overlook someone that you want to read.

Overall, I would highly recommend Google Reader. It is easy to load subscriptions and nice to have every new post at my finger tips. It definately saves time, free and easy to use.

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