Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sewing Classes in Knoxville, TN

For all future accomplished women out there and especially my little regular followers, and you know who you are. I am going to give Sewing Classes at my home on Saturdays at 10:00 A.M. for all of January. Please sign up for one or all of the classes.

Saturday, January 3rd, we will cover basic machine sewing and some hand stitching.
Saturday, January 10th, we will make an apron
Saturday, January 17th, we will look at how to make curtains.
Saturday, January 24th, You will decide what your project is and I will help you finish it.

The total cost, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

For those of you who cannot attend, we will post the lessons online.

Future Classes:

February: Cooking: Valentine's dinner and Valentine's Cookies
Birthday Cake - for you Hilary


  1. You are just too kind to offer your wisdom for free! Haha, I'm sure you'll have a great turn out!

  2. Dangit. I don't think I can make them. :(

    I'll definitely check out the online, homestudy version. :)

    And how wonderful that you are sharing your God-given talent with others. Your reward will be of the eternal kind. :)


  3. How nice of you and how fun! Wish I lived closer to Knoxville...I will have to try the online version.

  4. Glad to meet you new friend I will be back.

  5. Woo hoo!!! Sewing lessons!!! I asked for these for Christmas! I am SO excited!! What do I need to bring???

  6. Although I already know how to sew I wish I could join your classes ,sounds like alot of fun will be had.I will however check out the online lessons.You are so kind to offer classes to your friends.

  7. I found your blog randomly, while I was looking in the area for a sewing course. I was hoping you still had room for 1 more. If so, please let me know what I need to bring. Thanks and have a great Christmas!

  8. don't you want to come to Gville, SC? :) can't wait to see the online version!

  9. Good morning! My niece left a comment for you and I just read it...she is a young mother of three and received a sewing machine for Christmas this year! She is new to sewing but is so excited and has already started her first projects, pj's and a gown for her daughter.
    I live to far away (Kansas) to be of much practical help and was happy to know that she is finding wonderful contacts in the blogging community. This community of sewing, knitting, homemaking, crafting women is the most supportive and encouraging and a blessing for all of us who keep home, nurture our husbands and children, take up a needle, focus a camera, cook a meal, bake for those we love, work yarn into wonders and embellish anything we can get our hands on...I am sure my niece will find great encouragement in reading your blog. Thanks for being there for everyone who reads you. I have had a read around your is wonderful.

  10. Hi! First of all your blog is amazing and I am so inspired by you. I desire so much to be an accomplished woman like you!

    I know I'm too late to sign up for your sewing classes...will you by chance hold another set of classes? I just received my first sewing machine for Christmas 2008. Ive started a project and its looking pitiful! LOL....I have no idea what I'm doing and I need some instruction. The only instruction that I personally know that would do me any good is my aunt who lives in Kansas (who also commented on your blog when I sent it to her) I'm really excited about sewing and I want to learn so bad!!! If you don't plan to offer another set of classes I would be willing to pay you for a few classes to get me started. My name is Kimberly and I can be contacted at help me!?! :) Thanks so much!!!

  11. I too like kimberly am young mother. My husband is the old fashioned type who believes the man works while the woman stays home with the children. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and I too am terrible at it. I made an apron for my grandmother and it was decent I guess and have recently started a pair of pj's for my daughter and they are turning more disasterous with every stitch. LOL I am in desperate need of some instruction but the closest lessons I has found were close to you in Knoxville and cost $100 per session and I can in no way afford that. Not even close. There are some classes I can afford like one in Nashville for only $5 a class but by the time I drove that far I might as well pay the $100 a class. I think it is wonderful what you are doing and I too wish you would hold more classes and I would also be willing to pay. Reasonable prices. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time with those who cannot afford the finer things in life. I would have taken these classes had I known about them before right now. Please hold another set of sessions. I really want to make a career out of this is I could ever get down the basics I know I could do it. Thanks so much and god bless!!

  12. I would love to attend your sewing class tomorrow. I was watching Project Runway tonight and searched for sewing classes in Knoxville and found your blog. Super exciting!

  13. Hello! I found this blog while searching for local sewing classes. I see that this post is quite a bit older, but if you could give some recommendations as to where I might find other classes, I'd greatly appreciate it! In the meantime, I'm going to be browsing your blog-- I love what I see so far!

  14. Hi! I just moved to the city and was hoping to find some free classes where i can learn as well as get to know some nice such a shame that you are no longer doing the classes...but maybe you can point me in the right direction where i can find something similar!?
    It would be much apreciated!


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