Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crafting: Quick Christmas Tree Skirt

You really didn't think I was only going to post a Happy Anniversary message did you?

My daughter insisted I put a tree in the dog's room. She wanted to send me some Old English Sheepdog ornaments but she needed to have the tree up. I put it on the grooming table.

So being the ever loving kind hearted mother that I am, I found a little tree in my Christmas stuff and put the only Sheepdog Ornament I had on it. The little head bobbles. It is adorable.

Next, I took some dog ribbon and made some bows so the poor tree wouldn't look so bare.

Then, I decided it needed a little skirt. So I had some extra red felt, cut a circle and stitched some rick rack I had around it.

Cute but still a little plain. So I found this white felt. It is Prestofelt....meaning backed with stickers so I wouldn't have to sew it.

Next I cut out some sheepdogs

and bones

Placed them around the skirt.

Once I was satisfied

Voila, an 88 cent Christmas tree skirt for the dog room.


  1. I love it! And now I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for sheepdog ornaments - cause I know if I find some who I'll be sending them to! :)

    Thanks for your continued prayers! We have a showing on Saturday. Woo-hoo! Not getting too excited, but it was just of enough of a motivator to get me cleaning again.

    And yes, I went back and forth about not "putting up" Christmas - but you have to. The kids need it to feel normal. I need it to feel normal. And I didn't go ALL OUT, but I put up enough - and my house looks pretty and I just thought the other day "I wish someone would come look at my house because it looks so nice" ....guess I'm getting my wish...and who knows? It only takes one!


  2. ok -that is beyond cute! What a sweet dog mama you are!

  3. fits perfectly with the dogs.

  4. Oh, how cute is that tree skirt!
    Happy 25th Anniversary!!!!
    Peppermint bark looks soooo yummy!!! Nancy


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