Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday: A peek at Christmas

It's time to start sharing our Christmas decorations with everyone. I have been saving them for closer to Christmas.

The living room fireplace mantle

The secretary, with a church and farmhouse.

A cute nativity scene at the church.

All the nutcrackers.

More little houses.

And the carolers. I need to add some more carolers to this little display.

I hope you enjoyed part of my little tour. More to come later.


  1. My favorite is the dog caroler. :)

    Everything looks beautiful! And I especially love your mantel. May be next year you'll be able to come over to Memphis and give me a decorating consult.

    Hey, the people who looked at our house on Saturday liked it and apparently want to come back for a 2nd showing. BUT...they have a house to sell. I told Leo who looks at a house two weeks before Christmas with a house to sell? My suspicion is that it's a relocation and they came to town to check out real estate and they'll be coming back once their kids are out of school. Who knows?
    I keep praying, but still fully expect we'll be here through the 2nd semester. I'm hanging in there though - it could be far worse - like I keep saying, Leo could be in Iraq for months and months on end. Those are the moms that need our prayers more than little old me.


  2. Oh, I love those Carolers!!! Everything looks so beautiful. Love the towel in the post below! It is so cute!!! Nancy

  3. It's all so pretty. I am absolutely in love with your secretary! It's beautiful!!

  4. The dog caroler is too cute. Your fire place looks very similar to mine with the white brick!

  5. What fun decorations! I love your nutcracker collection!

  6. LOVE THE CAROLERS!I look forward to seeing more :)


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