Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January Cleaning

After Christmas but before New Year's, I am dying to scrub, organize and generally clean the entire house. Especially when you get rubber gloves as pretty as these, a Christmas present from my lovely daughter.

Yesterday, I took the entire master bedroom apart and scrubbed it down from top to bottom.

1. Moved the bed and vacuumed every part of the bed, and under the bed.
2. Vacuumed the walls and washed them down.
3. Used Murphy Oil on the furniture
4. Thoroughly vacuumed the carpet, curtains and baseboards.
5. Washed down all the baseboards.
6. Rotated the Mattress
7. Washed all the bedding, including dust ruffle, comforter and all the pillows.

The only thing I did not accomplish was the curtains and the windows. We will finish that this morning.

Looks good. Check done.
I try to do this twice a year.

Okay, on to the kitchen.


  1. I love those gloves... just looking at them motivates me to get on my knees and scrub the floor!

  2. I'm jelaous - I haven't had time to clean like that working has me too busy, maybe over the weekend I can do it! I love your bed clothes - great colors!

  3. First of all your boudoir is just lovely. Love, love, love the toile - although by now, you're probably figuring out I'm a toile girl! :) Blue, red, green, black - love it all.

    And if you have any left over energy by the time it's spring cleaning time, may be you can come my way....wherever that might be. :)

  4. The gloves are soooo cute!!
    My goodness, you have been busy! Your bedroom is lovely.

  5. Oh I love those gloves,they are just tooo cute.Your bedroom looks so wonderful,I need to get in mine and clean like that.

  6. Wow something to aspire to~ I thought I was doing well when I started with my closets and just purged a bunch of stuff! I need to get on a better routine and do that...one room at a time will not be that hard to do! thanks


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