Friday, December 12, 2008

Sewing: A Fun Christmas Tree

Several years ago, I spotted this very cute tree at a local store. My friend and I loved it but I decided to leave it behind. My friend later bought this beauty for me for Christmas, Thank you Mary.

The next year, I made some of these for the staff at church, a couple of friends, my hairdresser and cleaning lady.

I thought I would make some more this year to sprinkle throughout Knoxville.

First, I found this gorgeous green sik.

I made a triangle pattern, cut two triangles out of the silk. Sew the sides together, and stuff with polyfil.

Glue a circle around the glass candlestick and set your tree on top.

Next glue pom poms on the tree.

Glue a pretty bow on the tree.

A forest of silk trees.
A very elegant gift that doesn't take much effort but looks like you worked a long time on it.


  1. Darling! I like yours as well or better than the original. :)

  2. Stop the CUTE madness! You are amazing! Silk Christmas trees -- how she-she (or however the heck you spell that!)

    Love 'em!

  3. I love it, mine is sitting on my coffee table for the rest of the season. It is precious.

  4. Very cute yours are as pretty as the one that was store bought,I love the slik you made them with.

  5. I loved those trees the last time we did them.. glad u did them again, they look great!

  6. We love these!! We like yours better than the original!!
    We have a fun giveaway of a target gift card today with the AHA for go red! A little early Christmas gift!

    kari & kijsa

  7. I love those trees. That green silk material is sooo yummy.

  8. Oh how can sprinkle them right on over to You did a great job! I will be watching for them around town. Do you sell your crafts somewhere? Nancy

  9. Fabulous looking little silk trees. I love them. They're perfect for tabletop decorating.

  10. Those are did a great job!


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