Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Needle Felting: A Christmas Snowman

Last year, I made these felted snowmen for embellishments to my cookie bags.

I used off-white roving, orange, black and red felt. I picked up little twigs in the yard.

Using a five pin felting tool, I pounce the round felting until it makes this very small and tight ball.

Repeat three time each ball getting smaller. Glue them together with craft glue. Let dry.

I then cut out the hat, buttons, nose and scarf out of felt.

Once the snowman has dried usually overnight, I use an awl and poke holes in the middle ball on either side. Drop a little craft glue in each hole, add the sticks. Let dry again.

Meanwhile assemble the hat and let dry overnight.

Add all the embellishments to your snowman.

He looks like an old toy or ornament. Everyone loved them.

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