Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas List: Ann Hand Pins

I saw these pins on Cindy McCain during the campaign and loved them.

As you know my daughter is in the Navy and my son is in the Air National Guard. So I put these on my Christmas list.

Not bad for $45. A little high but I wanted to brag about my children, what price can you put on that.

So my daughter, having good taste like her mother sent a link and said she liked this pin better.

Ann Hand Navy Pin

Navy pin
Ann Hand Air Force Pin
Yes, I love those pins too but good grief it is $150. She is too sweet but Mom does not want to break the bank.

Then she sent me this pin. Oh My Gosh!!! It is gorgeous but seriously..... $225.

Ann Hand Noble Pin
She has grown up to be a very thoughtful daughter with excellent taste, but I think we might have a little problem...... seriously


  1. Those pins are the one your daughter picked out and sent you! She has excellent taste! What a beautiful pin to wear! Susan

  2. I also want one of the Cindy McCain pins. I loved them during the election - Navy mom and wife here! :)

  3. How thoughtful that she went to all that trouble to find more pins for you - and yes, I thought Cindy McCain's accessories were beautiful and that she was absolutely GORGEOUS during the election (although, is she ever NOT gorgeous????)

    And Cynthia, I'm sure you're on the "nice" list so I wouldn't worry too much. Whatever they give you will be wonderful - that's what well-raised kids do! :)

  4. Those are beautiful pins!

  5. At least she has great taste! Those pins are beautiful!

  6. The pins are beautiful and your daughter has great taste the one she picked out is beutiful.

  7. Oh, I hope you get them!!! How did your trip to Southern Market go? I looooove to go there!!!!! Nancy

  8. Hi!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

    Wow, you definitely have every right to brag and be very PROUD of your children!

    Merry Christmas!


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