Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Photography: Christmas Cards

Every year, I line the kids up and the dogs to get their Christmas picture to send to friends and relatives. I am going to show you some of the older pictures. However, I lost two dogs in the last three years, both were five years old so some of the dogs will look different.





This year, I was planning our picture outside but it was bitterly cold, or at least cold by Knoxville standards.

Here is the process, 1. We run the boys out of steam. 2. Dress them. Well, they posed so cute that I took some pictures of just them.

Laying down:

Well, one of the dogs was ready.....

What are they laughing about? And why is half my picture dark?

Ummmm, hello fix the end of your hat, you are in my shot.

Here is the "family" picture but it needs some serious photoshopping or I am going to have to re-take my cards.

I really can't believe these two kids will sit for their mother at this age. I have to say, I love them for doing it.

By the way, I have already gotten a card from my seriously organized friend that sends hers at Thanksgiving. If she wasn't such a nice person, I would have to hate her.

P.S. Sorry for another dog post but I am procrastinating showing the my progress because the house is a WRECK!!! My daughter thought she would be helpful by bringing every Christmas box I own up and set up the tree and lights. I have a tree and lights but no ornaments. My friend said, "It sounds like Thanksgiving threw-up Christmas at your house" and I said, "Exactly".


  1. Hello friend...loved the family Christmas photos! Those fur babies are adorable...I remember that big beautiful dog on Captain Kangeroo...I thought she was the most gorgeous dog I had ever seen! lol Thanks for coming by...hope you get all your Christmas lights plugged up & that you have a fantastic week!

  2. Love it! All the out takes are hysterical. You just gotta love dogs!

  3. If you get me the full size image I can get a bit more light onto Shanna, enough for a good card I believe.

  4. Haha! I can't get a pic of my dogs for the life of me. They are never still. Drives me bonkers.

  5. Found you while blog hopping. Love the family pictures. Also, loved taking a pic at your Thanksgiving day and decorations.


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