Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paper Crafts: Thanksgiving Name Cards

I sort of think that name cards for family is a little pretentious. However, I thought of a little twist that should make Thanksgiving special.

Start with some card stock, an utility knife, stamps and a nice pen.

I cut the cards to about 3 inches by 4 inches and stamped the folded cards with a festive acorn stamp.

Added all the family names.

Now here is the special part. I added a description of each family member. Something I love about that member or admire about them.

All lined up like little soldiers ready for Turkey Day.

I so love Thanksgiving, the food, the family and being together. I also so love... Black Friday. Okay, maybe that is shallow .... but hey, at least I am honest.


  1. Shallow people of the world UNITE! :) Except I'm not brave enough to actually go out on black Friday - really, it scares me. I don't know why - but I love me some internet shopping! :)

    And I have to say it again, you are SO TALENTED and what a lovely idea - to write something about your guest. What a kind heart you have. I so wish you'd be closer to me when I FINALLY get to TN...we could have some serious crafting time!


  2. I love this idea. I think I will be a copycat!! :)

    I'm shallow too. I enjoy shopping! There are bargains to be had this year.

  3. I love Thanksgiving too! I will definitely do some name cards as well. We have a big group coming this year!! It will be fun!

  4. Love them! Those are cute and meaningful. Sorta like black Friday... okay, maybe not at all like black friday.

  5. what does mine say :)

    toooo cute!

  6. Great idea,I love it.We are doing Thanksgiving Sat.,I think I will make some of the cards.

  7. What a great write a little something about each family member/guest. Now, I may just have to use that one! Of course, with your permission:) Too cute!


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