Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sewing: An old sweater and a new handbag

A disclaimer to friends and family: While I appreciate your visiting my blog, you may find presents talked about here that are meant for I am sorry that the secret will be spoiled but I have to share with my peeps.

This is another great project for a sweater that you accidentally washed and felted without even knowing that you were doing that.

I took the bottom of a sweater.

Sewed the bottom together. It would have been nice if I had pictures of this but somehow they were lost.....oh well.

Cut a strap from the sleeve of one arm to the sleeve of another arm. I sewed a ribbon to the sweater strap and attached to either side of the sweater.

I attached a flower to this bag with the leftover sweater from the mittens I made earlier and some of this sweater.

The bag seemed pretty flimsy so I decided to add some body to it. I took some interfacing cut to the same size of the bag.

I put it in the bag.

Here is some scrap toile that I cut the same to match the interfacing. Sew up three sides and iron on the interfacing.
I added a ribbon to tie the handbag closed. The sweater naturally rolls a little at the top of the handbag, so I created a hem from that roll to finish off the interior of the bag.

Here it is finished. Pretty cute and the best part.....totally zero dollars spent. Cute felted sweater, interfacing and some scrap toile. How pretty.

I would keep it but it needs to go to one of my daughter's cute friends. Oh well, I hope she loves it as much as I do. Maybe she will model if for the blog later.


  1. Way to go! How many times over the years have I washed a sweater..without knowing it. They come out looking like they could fit a gnome.

    Your daughter's friend will love it. :)

  2. Wow, I love it!

    Thanks for "following" me, haha :)

    I'm excited to take a gander around your blog.

  3. I will totally model for the blog! It is ADORABLE! I was in need of a cute, winter, black bag. Thanks!!! :P - hb

  4. Um Cynthia, I could probably rustle up a few sweaters for you. I have no idea how they got smaller!

    You are one talented lady - with pretty nails too! :)

  5. I LOVE THAT! The lining is GORGEOUS! You are so creative!


  7. Mom, I love that bag, you surprise me sometimes... and it's hard to do... seeing that I have known you for sometime.... and I know all the amazing this you can do. :) love you

  8. Oh, I love that purse!!! You did a great job! Nancy

  9. Great purse,now I know what to do with all those sweaters in the closet that do not get worn ,my daughters would love purses like that one.Great idea for Christmas presents.


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