Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Decorating: Office Remodel Part 2

Okay, still making progress on the office. Here is my MIL's table and chairs. I work on this table, sew, paint, craft, and "you name it". I think it turned out great. By the way, every time the dogs hear the camera, they start posing.

Here is the little entryway to our basement. It still need an umbrella stand and cute stuff for the shelves..

The little work table by my desk. I would love to move this table

Again, notice the dog's behind.....

I also love the rug I ordered earlier and wanted to share it with you.

Next, the fireplace and shelves will be painted. In addition, I am building a fireplace mantle for this fireplace. Oh and the upholster will pick up the chairs next week.

It won't be the first one I built. I built this one in the living room. My first carpentry "project" that I completed about 5 years ago.

Still a lot of work to do but progress is being made.


  1. The carpet is perfect! Can't wait to come visit the new space! ~hb

  2. It looks beautiful! Girl, you are telanted - I loved your mantle project. And yes, the rug is lovely - your color scheme would fit right in with my master bedroom. :) Let me know if you have any spare finials around when you're done decorating! :)

  3. You are doing a great job! When you said redo you really meant it!

    I love everything.

  4. Oh I love your rug! You have a nice area to work also! Nancy


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