Monday, November 10, 2008

Sewing: New Mittens from an old sweater

So my lovely daughter has a really cute black cashmere turtleneck that was washed or she outgrew. I have no idea but anyway, it is too small for her.

I saw this on Martha Stewart and thought I would make some mittens out of this sweater.

I did not take a before picture so you are only getting after pictures.

1. Make a pattern.
2. Cut two double-layered.
3. Sew carefully.

4. After sewing them carefully, I added cute bows to the mittens and here they are.

Very cute.


  1. Oh my word! You're following me on twitter...which I don't do much of! :( But I found your blog and you are amazingly talented - and you're in TN!!! :)

    Hubby and I are moving to Memphis - well, he's already there - and I'm trying to sell the house with the kiddos - but we're excited about our adventure - and I've been dying to come across more TN blogging chickies! :)

    Can't wait to check out more of your blog - your Halloweeen bags were just adorable - and Cashmere're super talented! :)


  2. What a smart lady you are! I've seen in magazines where people have made mittens, stockings, pillows and other things out of sweaters. I've wished that some of the sweaters from my past were still around!

    Way to go.

  3. Don't you just love that Martha! Great that you put her ideas to use. They turned out adorable!

  4. Gotta love Martha - those are adorable!


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