Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Anniversary Present

Okay, ladies. I know many of you are going to think this gift is extremely weird but I have coveted this vehicle for 11 years. I adore it. I also adore the man that owned it. He passed away three weeks ago and his family asked me if I wanted to purchase it.

My husband said, "No, you don't want it." I said, " I really do." So we bought it.

I have BIG plans for it. I am going to completely gut it and "cutify" it. Is "cutify" a word?

Here are some cute vehicles, I am looking to for inspiration.

Love the green

Love the pink
Another green
Or should I just go to traditional red?


  1. I think that is an awesome idea!! How fun! I'm jealous. :)

  2. How much fun! I'm totally into that too. When we were house shopping my hubby couldn't believe the ones I liked. I kept telling him "I don't see what it is, I see what it's going to be!" :)

    Thanks for stopping by A Tad Bit Prudish btw! You've got a great blog, I'll be checking back!!

  3. Can't wait to see the end result!

  4. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! I appreciate that lots! Now, about the ride... I love the pink but think the red would be great on such a large vehicle! How fun!!

  5. ahh no I completly understand wanting this!! how lucky you are. My husband and I always say we want to do something like this for our girls first cars

  6. Oh, I can't wait to see what you do with it! Then I can't wait to see you driving around in K-town! Nancy

  7. my vote is for the red. I love that truck, is it a chevy?


  8. Okay, first of all, what an awesome story - that the owner's family sold it to you. What a memory you will always have in that vehicle!

    I liked the green - very kitchsy (or however you spell that) and kind of country-rustic that goes with the vehicle - although you gotta go with what you like and what speaks to you first.

    I'd love to have an old Jeep Wagoneer - like the old panelled ones - in super sweet condition. I see them periodically still around and remember how cool they were. Like a late 70's, early 80's model.


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