Thursday, November 06, 2008

Painting: A Finial re-do

I went to a beautiful store the other day. They had really wonderful decorations for the home but they were very expensive.

I left there and went to Goodwill. I needed to pick up a very cheap pot for melting wax but ran across this finial. It is ugly but I did see some potential.

I decided to spray paint it aqua, i.e. the colors of the new office.

Then, I added a little gold to the finial.

$4 dollars versus $75 at the fancy store. It will go on my
mantle as soon as I build it.


  1. That's amazing. The pretty design shows so much more with the treatment you did. Pretty!

  2. what a great idea! Your blog is fun and interesting... I like your cupola on your last post! We have a matching shed too that the previous owners bought. I'm thinking now that I need a cupola too! (maybe a collie!). I'm glad you found me... it's nice to meet you!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments. Now on to something even better....I love your thing that has happen today is that you stopped by. I am going to add you to my favorites...Love all your baking stuff. I have tons of cookie cutters and have not used them yet. I bought a big box from Walmart last year and said I wanted to make some cookies for the I must ask do you mind if I use your cookie recipe? I hope mine look just as yummy as yours. Your cupcakes looked yummy to...see I told you I have been mesmorized by your blog this morning...

    Again thank you so much for stopping by and hope you come back soon!

  4. That's a great redo! I always love the power of paint. you were asking about cutting hydrangeas. No, cutting the old blooms will not affect how they grow & bloom for next year. Most hydrangeas need to be pruned anyway & then the new growth will come out in spring. It is a little different with each variety, so I need to read up on pruning. But, you can def. cut the old blooms off and dry them to enjoy.

  5. OOOH, I likey! You did a great job! Nancy

  6. Rambling girl... you can definitely use all my cookie recipe and if you need help, just call me. I will be right over.

  7. Great makeover! I love seeing all the creative makeovers in blog land.

  8. Wow, that turned out great! That aqua is so pretty. I am drawn to that color lately. My husband's favorite color is blue, so he would love to hear me moving that direction!

  9. Can I just tell you I am floored by how expensive some home decor has become. When I was looking for some new things to add to the house when we were first getting ready to put it up, I about had a heart-attack at the prices. (Specifically, I wanted a finial thingy to put on my mantle - how funny to see you re-purpose one you found. You go girl!)

    Anyway, I love your resourcefullness! What a crafty beaver you are! :)
    You and my sister are two of the same. I'm jealous. I want to craft and be creative like you. Can I just steal your ideas?.....:)

  10. I love it -- we sell this at the decor firm/shop I work for and your version looks SO much better!


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