Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holiday: Gifts from your garden

When things get a little tight financially, I think of gifts that I can make for my friends and family. This fall, I looked to my bountiful garden and had a great gift idea.

I decided to make “specialty” vinegars and oils for my gift baskets.

Rosemary and garlic vinegar and hot pepper oil would be a great addition to any kitchen.

  • Start with clean clear bottles.

  • Use washed Rosemary that is freshly picked.

  • Clean garlic cloves, think of two or three per bottle.

  • Warm vinegar to about 120 degrees

  • Add herb and several cloves of garlic to each bottle.

  • Pour vinegar into bottles and allow to cool.

  • Heat the oil to about 120 degrees as well.
  • Add red pepper flakes to the oil and allow to steep for seven to ten minutes.

  • Red peppers from the garden are washed.

  • Insert into the bottles.

  • Pour warmed oil in the bottles and allow to cool.

  • A nice day's work, corks and labels ready to go when the oil and vinegar are cooled.
  • Next very slowly melt wax over the stove. I use leftover Christmas candles to have a red wax.
  • Cork the bottles and dip the top of the bottle in the wax.

  • Put a pretty label on the bottle.
  • Store until Christmas.

Total cost of gifts, $23 for 34 bottles.

You will have the satisfaction of giving your friends and family a gift from your garden and saving money at the same time.

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