Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sewing: Dorothy Costume

Yes there is enough blue gingham in Knoxville to cover my rear end. Here is the Dorothy costume I sewed. I put it on the mannequin, who really needs a name.

My Toto is a stuffed Old English Sheepdog, given to my daughter by one of the boys that follow her around and are smitten with her. They think this gift will win over her heart or her mother will talk her into liking them. Not likely, but good try.

My red shoes, they are Taryn Rose. They are suppose to be comfortable... I will have to let you know. I know they are not ruby red slippers but hey, I am not ruining a cute pair of shoes.

There will be no pictures of me in this outfit. If there are, I will personally pay that person off with all my children's inheritance.


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