Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holiday: Dog Halloween Costumes

Okay, the dogs had a dry run in their costumes, yesterday. They were very good but we are delivering 18 bags of decorated sugar cookies to the elderly from our church. I finished sewing my costume yesterday and will update the blog later today. I am baking and decorating a hundred sugar cookies today and then we will be good to go.

Here they are; The Cowardly Lion, The TinMan and the Scarecrow. Too bad they look a little miserable.

Monty's costume is a little snug but very cute.

Chaucer looks like he is frozen....

Churchill looks miserable.

Okay, but this is what it takes to get one good picture.

Look here guys.....

Not at the treats ......... the camera.

Okay, not at the floor....notice Montgomery still has his eye on the treat.
No we aren't laying down either, Churchill

Okay, look everywhere but the camera.

Now we are going to take a break. Notice Montgomery is still waiting.

Now all heck has broken way they are going to stay seated. It is going to be a long day on Friday and my red shoes are not going to get me back home when these guys have had enough.........I need to take lots of dog treats.


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