Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Painting: Boo Y'all

The Garden Shed is getting cleaned out this week and decorated. I wanted a little sign for the shed, so I made this sign.

I bought the wood sign last year for $1.49.

I wanted to paint a cute saying.

Not perfect but hey, it is the garden shed.

I will keep you posted on all the decorating.


  1. Cute! I want a garden shed! No room left for one.

  2. and you said i had great ideas! thanks for visiting my blog. i was scrolling through your post about your basement and loved your inspiration pic. it's so hard when you have a multi-purpose space like that. i should's called my bonus room. i thought i would pass along a couple of ideas just in case you haven't seen them. American Accents sells a spray paint color called Sea Glass. It is great. i wish i could direct you to the blog i saw it on, but it has escaped my memory (imagine that). it is almost the shade you picked out, but with a little less green and a little more blue/gray (since you said you were going to go a little less green). also, the nester had a link to a "do-it-yourself" chair recovering that looked fairly simple. if you the type of person that likes to try things our for yourself. i don't know why i just gave you all of that information. take it with a grain of salt. i know you don't know me and i don't know you, but i think that's sorta what blog world is all about. sorry to be so long winded :)


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