Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family; Birthday for Daughter

Okay, this week, I am blogging about the oldest one's birthday....24 YIKES. She has not been home for her birthday in six years.

So I decided to make her a party outside and decorate it for her birthday.

Here are the pictures of the outside decorated.

The cake I made her.

The birthday girl arriving.

Her in her crown.....

And the other princess.

Opening presents
The cake in it's cake stand.


  1. How pretty! I jumped over to you from Nancy's blog. I need to spend more time on your blog but I'm hoping you are sharing some of those Christmas ideas. :)

  2. Your daughters party looks like it was such fun! You did a great job decorating. I'm totally sad, though. My son had his 18th birthday this past April. I sure hope it wasn't his last one home. I didn't even think about that!! Ugh!!!


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