Thursday, September 18, 2008

Puppy Love

Chaucer is seven and a half months old. As a puppy, he loves his family very much. When you come home after a long day or he has not seen you for a long time, he greets you with every ounce of his 65 pound body.

So imagine you come in the door and sit down..... here is what happens.....

A Full Frontal Kiss

He decides to climb up on your lap to give you a full body mugging:

The turn around
And finally, the full-body press.

I have never been able to get pictures of this when it happens to me as I have a mouth full of puppy hair.... He does love his family.

I only hope I can get him to be less exuberant before he hits 80 pounds.


  1. thats the cutest little puppy!!! Uh.. I mean medium to large size puppy, Ive ever seen!
    I love it, mouth full of hair--
    coastal nest

  2. Oh, how cute!! Thank you for coming by today and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it and please come back again, anytime. ~Nancy


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