Friday, September 26, 2008

Crafts: Memo Board

I have been wanting a fancy memo board for my office. The office is going to get a complete overhaul but we will talk about that later. So, I went to Home Goods store. In the clearance or damaged bin, this awful painting was $20.... Yeah. I loved the frame but hated the picture. I actually hid the picture from my neighbor when I brought this puppy home.

Okay, so here is the back of the picture.

Using this upholstery tool, remove all the brads holding the ugly picture in the frame.

Using the picture as a guide, I measured the fabric and cut it two inches larger than the picture.

Then I added a thick layer of batting to the picture, again using the picture as the guide to cut the batting.

Flipped the entire picture.
Carefully staple a couple of staples on the long side of the picture.
Pull the fabric tightly on the other long side of the picture and staple along several points.
Repeat this on the shorter sides of the picture.
Now you are able to staple along all sides every inch to secure the fabric.

Next staple the ribbon on each corner. Don't worry how the back looks, we are going to cover it.

Carefully measure all the ribbon to be equal distance apart.

I pinned the ribbon in place to secure it.

Okay, here is where I wish I would have stopped.....and remeasured. I stapled every place the ribbon crossed but as you can see it is not equal distance. I have been contemplating redoing this dang thing to make it perfect. But for now, you can learn from my mistake.

I covered buttons in coordinating fabric and hot glued them in the tufted ribbon portion of the memo board.Then place this back into the frame and staple it in place.
Here is what it looks like.

Now it is absolutely driving me nuts that it is not perfect but then I remembered it would be covered with beautiful notes, memos and treasures. I can let it go.
Here it is completed. The total project cost $39

It is pretty but I still think I will fix it. I know, it is the perfectionist in me .


  1. it looks beautiful!!! i wish i had that kind of talent. thats so creative.

  2. This is fun stuff! I love your blog!


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