Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Painting: Le congélateur du Tubb

Okay, we have had this freezer for 14 years. I bet it was ten years old when we bought it. I have painted it twice with white appliance paint but I decided that if it wasn't going to die, it needed a new uplifted paint job.

We have always had an inventory problem. I forget what is in this sucker...it is not frost-free so sometimes I neglect it.

I decided to paint the front of this antique with chalkboard paint.

Then I can put the contents of the freezer on the front of it and will be much more organized and frugal. I probably will have to break out a June Cleaver dress and pearls....okay maybe not.

Here is the ugly freezer before.

And after.....

I then decided to give it a french label and some accessories.


Le congélateur du Tubb.... Much better.


  1. I love that! You can keep track of what's in there. Brilliant!!

    I try to be so careful about not letting food become petrified and ancient. Right now there's some fishes with faces (yuck) that look at me when I open the freezer. Don't know why hubby brought those home because I'm not about to cook them!

  2. You are brilliant! I know that I have thought it for a while, but now I am SAYING it! I love this idea and I am not ashamed to say that I WILL be stealing it and using it one day in my own house. JL

  3. I love this redo of your freezer! Chalkboard paint is one of the things I want to try to use on some projects this year. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your blog, all your great ideas and the energy and enthusiasm you generate!


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