Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dog Park

Our puppy needs some serious socialization. He has become insecure of everything at seven months old. Crazy! Completely comfortable at home but seriously unsure of himself when out in public, or if he hears an unfamiliar noise or if he sees something he doesn't recognize. So we loaded the car with the two dogs, dog treats, leashes, etc. and headed to the dog park

Here is Brett and his girlfriend introducing the puppy to other dogs in the park.

Monty is off leash and introducing himself to other dogs. He has not problems making friends.

The boys like to chase Brett, so he tried to let the boys loosen up in the park and play chase. Of course, the puppy could not resist the game.

Some of the other dogs wanted to join the game.

The boys relaxed but started Old English Sheepdog sumo wrestling.

In the end, the puppy was a little worn out by all the fun.

But not too tired to run to his mama when called!!


  1. I love dogs so I really enjoyed this post...esp. seeing him run to you! How cute, he loves his mama, Take care, DebraK

  2. I just love the pictures because I can see him screaming....mmmoooooommmmmmmmmy!

  3. The pictures capture his love for you so well! The dog park was lots of fun.


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