Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Fourth of July, a little late!!!!!

Okay, I know these are late but thought you would want to see our beautiful fourth of July party. This is the patio before the crowd. The kids decorated the house and it looked wonderful.

The Dr Pepper cart, filled for the crowd.
The cook had this view of the back yard but faced the pool. He was really busy with hamburgers and hotdogs for 60 people.

Here is the front of the house with the new landscaping.

The Flag Cake

And cupcakes, thanks to Bakerella

The cookies the girls decorated.

The cherry pie.

Friends, especially Martha, aka, Lady Liberty, had alot of food and fun. (I hope)
Brett in the pool. He was the lifeguard.

A chick, trouble and Jean Frazier. I will let you guess who is who.

Everyone eating....good at least they liked the food.

Everyone loved the watermelon cookies. Given all the information about Watermelon rinds during the week before, I saw most of the men munching them. Here is the recipe, I used chocolate chips instead of currents.

Prepare Cookie Dough the day before:


¾ c. butter

¾ c. sugar

1 egg

½ t. almond extract

Beat in

2 c. flour

¼ t. salt

¼ t. b. powder

If dough is soft, add more flour. Remove 1 c. dough. Color the rest of the dough, red.

1/3 cup of remaining dough, color green. Cover all three of the doughs for one hour.

Reshape red dough into 3 ½ inch cylinder. On flour wax paper, roll out plain dough. – 8 ½ by 3 inch rectangle. Place around cylinder. Repeat with green dough. 10 ½ by 3 ½ inches.

Refrigerate over night.

Slice and bake – Place dried currant. Bake until firm but not brown.

375 degrees, for about 6 to 10 minutes.

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